Modalities of Tantric Touch {Video}

There are 5 modalities of touch you can use in your Tantra practice.

Tantric touching can help a person get out of their head, into their body and move blocked energy during a sacred spot or lovemaking session. Within the 5 modalities, there are yin and yang versions of touch, plus several speeds and depths of touch.

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♥  Pay attention to what your hands do during lovemaking. Move your heart energy through your hands as you touch.
♥  Give and receive with your touch.
♥  Bring more consciousness into your touch. Let your hands energetically grow into your partner’s
body; let your fingers also grow energetically.
♥  Run energy from your right hand, through your partner, into your left hand.
♥  Bring emotion into your touch: love, nurturing, compassion & passion.
♥  Any movement or touch, even greatly pleasurable ones, will lose its sensitivity if repeated continually. When you find a good area, leave it… and visit it often. Branch from it outward to another area.
♥  Energy follows consciousness.
♥  Touch all Chakra areas, front and back
♥  Always remember that it is the brain which experiences the pleasure. The best techniques will give deeper results as the mind/body connection is opened.
♥  How much pleasure can you allow yourself to feel?

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