Is Your Partner Hesitant to Study Tantra Yoga?

What happens if your partner is hesitant to attend a Beginner’s Weekend Tantra Seminar with you?

Leah Alchin, one of our lead educators at Source Tantra, says that the partner who is “dragged” to the course is usually the one who gets the most out of it!

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A Tantra Student shared his story on our Youtube Channel:
“I’m sharing my experience in hopes that it helps make it easier for others where I struggled. I was pushed to go to this workshop by my partner. I knew it was ultimately my decision, and I also felt that if I didn’t do this it would decrease the chance of success for our relationship. Largely she was pushing me to go because I was having a really hard time hearing requests from her to do things differently in our sex life. My ego was flaring up, but I didn’t realize it at the time.
IMG_0230 (1)I tremendously cared about her and our relationship, so I still decided to go, make the investment and take the risk. I’m very happy that I did. The biggest benefit I received was being reminded to return to a student’s mind around sexuality. I was reminded that there is always so much more to learn and grow in this area of life. I returned to being much more humble and taking her requests as just that, requests, instead of insults to my sexual skill or masculinity. In hind sight I wish that I would not have put up so much resistance and gone through the related emotional pain and stories of what it meant that she really wanted me to go to this workshop.” ~ Source Tantra Student
Is your partner still hesitant to attend? Send them some of our Youtube Videos, read our Tantra Stories from previous students and order our Tantra Video Suite to study at home before you make the leap towards a live Tantra Seminar.
The free CD that Leah mentions in the video is included in our FREE TANTRA EDUCATION GIFTS that you can download on our website:

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