{Tantra Stories} Fulfilling His Sexual Needs with Tantra

“Tantra encourages us to make our sexual needs and desires known to each other, with greater confidence that they will be responded to and fulfilled. ” ~ Tantra Student “Tantra Stories” is a series of touching testimonials from our Source School … Continued

Tantra Seminars in Los Angeles {Review}

Source School of Tantra Yoga Offers Weekend Tantra Seminars in Los Angeles, California. Learn more at www.SourceTantra.com/BEG Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving seminars provide the education we never had and always needed in order to have wonderful, real and … Continued

Transform Your Relationships with Tantra {Dawn & Gerard}

Certified Tantra Educator Spotlight with Dawn Beck, CTE3 and Gerard Gatz, CTE2 With the divorce rate in the US currently between 40 – 50% and so many couples living in a state of coexistence with a tremendous lack of sexual, playful, … Continued

12 Ways To Higher Sex {Video Series}

View the entire #12WaysToHigherSex Youtube Series here: https://bit.ly/12WaysToHigherSex   Turn ordinary sex into exquisite sexual love! Tantra Master Charles Muir offers tips on ejaculation control, alternatives to Viagra, sexual healing, orgasmic meditation and other techniques to reach higher levels of … Continued

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