Choosing YES When You Feel Sexually Shut Down {Video}

More Ways To Higher Sex: Tantra Master Charles Muir and his wife Christy discuss how to shift your energy into a YES when you feel sexually shut down and don’t want to make love.


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Stress, tiredness, and overwhelm can shut men down to LOVE. Tantra Master Charles Muir suggests men become vulnerable in these situations so they can open to the energy and move into a yes that will fill their cup.


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Every time a woman practices saying YES to making love she allows herself to say yes to life, to pleasure, to health, to vitality and to love in all areas of life. Notice where the NO comes from… is there an emotional breakthrough on the other side? Consensual conscious tantric touch with loving energy on her non-genital areas may open up her other channels. She may feel sexual again after she releases stuck energy in other areas. This builds trust so she can melt the NO away with love!



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