{Tantra Stories} Bedroom Fireworks for Longterm Marriage

“We were moved to tears by the impact your Tantra seminar had on people’s lives: joys experienced, eyes opened to unimagined possibilities, lost hopes rescued, and healing begun.”

“Tantra Stories” is a series of touching testimonials from our Source School of Tantra Yoga seminar students. This story is written by a couple who has been married for over 32 years. Learn more about our Tantra Seminars HERE!


We were moved to tears by the impact your Tantra seminar had on people’s lives: joys experienced, eyes opened to unimagined possibilities, lost hopes rescued, and healing begun. In comparison with these, our experiences were trivial. But we also came looking for something, and we found it. We are very grateful, and want to thank you.

L and I have been married for over 32 years. We have long been best friends and are deeply in love. We regularly celebrate our union in long and luxurious lovemaking sessions.

Sometimes our sex is pure animal lust, sometimes it is simply about intertwining our bodies to hold each other closely, sometimes it is a rich stew of love, lust, play and sharing. On a few precious occasions, it has given us truly transformative experiences. We feel very blessed to have each other and to be able to so richly share and experience our love.

flow of love energyWe have now reached a point in our lives where we have the freedom to focus more on one another, and the more we get, the more we want.
We had touched on enough amazing experiences to know that they are real, that they are available, and that they are only a taste of what is possible. We have glimpsed what is possible, and want to fulfill and expand that potential. It is hard to know what we don’t know, but there are a few specific areas where we have realized that we need more.

Our bed is regularly filled with love, lust, and fun, but there has been too little of the sensual and sacred. We have felt a great need for this. The sacred and the sensual come through as central pillars of your teaching.

We experience moments of profound amazement, reverence, and awe in one another and our lives together but they are only moments, and usually progress into sensual touch, followed by lust. We like lust (a lot), but we want to more fully experience those other states as well. Your seminar, and the powerful homework exercises, showed us how easy it can be to hold such intention.

We have experienced the quantum differences that result when we begin in a state of deep love and reverence, but our intention often arises from context and seems to be almost random. You showed us how to find and reliably establish the necessary foundations for more fulfilling lovemaking.

We did not come seeking more powerful orgasms, but rather richer and more complete communion, but we found both. Even our first efforts at using your techniques as we approached orgasm yielded “remarkable” results in both duration and intensity for both of us.

Your seminar was both joyous and transformative. You gave us tools, examples, and exercises to answer all of our needs. Such things are not mastered in a weekend, but we have seen them work, and that is enough to enable us to move forward. You showed us precisely the things we sought, and for that we are very grateful. Now we have much work to do to bring these practices into our lives, and explore what awaits us. After seeing what you can do in an introductory Santa Cruz weekend, we find ourselves awestruck contemplating what you could do in a week-long graduate course in Maui.


We chose your seminar because we heard that you are respectful of wherever your students come from, able to present intensely personal subjects in non-threatening ways, and that you are funny, loving, and doing this work to change lives. All of those reputations are clearly well earned.

Thank you for the healing you enable, and the lives you change, and thank you for the help you gave to a couple of pilgrims who yearn for “more” of one another.

~ M.K. Tantra Student

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