The Modalities of Touch {Source Tantra}

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How conscious are you when you touch your lover?

Each of these modalities of touch has its Yin and Yang expression. Use both! Remember that there are seven levels of depth, speed, pressure and firmness of hands. The brain picks up more information, energy and healing when a yin stroke is followed by a yang stroke or a yang by a yin.

Source School of Tantra Yoga teaches a variety of Tantric Touch techniques:

  • Static touch (non-moving).
  • Moving touch, short strokes, circles, long strokes, spirals, sideway strokes and triangles.
  • Squeezing includes kneading and pinching.
  • Scratching.
  • Tapping/slapping.
  • Nyasa.

couples-massage-websizeGeneral Guidelines to the Art of Tantric Touch:

♥  Pay attention to what your hands do during lovemaking. Move your heart energy through your hands as you touch.

♥  Give and receive with your touch.

♥  Bring more consciousness into your touch. Let your hands energetically grow into your partner’s body; let your fingers also grow energetically.

♥  Run energy from your right hand, through your partner, into your left hand.

♥  Bring emotion into your touch: love, nurturing, compassion & passion.

♥  Any movement or touch, even greatly pleasurable ones, will lose its sensitivity if repeated continually. When you find a good area, leave it… and visit it often. Branch from it outward to another area.

♥  Energy follows consciousness.

♥  Touch all Chakra areas, front and back.

♥  Always remember that it is the brain which experiences the pleasure. The best techniques will give deeper results as the mind/body connection is opened.

♥  How much pleasure can you allow yourself to feel?

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