{Sacred Spot Ritual} Connecting Passion with Love

Sacred Spot Ritual Tips: Connecting Passion with Love from “The Sacred Spot: A Complete Tantra Yoga Guide to Female Sexual Healing and Arousal”


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During Sacred Spot Massage, many women find it very difficult to feel both sexy and intimate at the same time.

This MUDRA position transforms that condition so that shakti and heart energy unite in their highest expression!

1. With one hand in the Foundation Mudra (read our Sacred Spot Ritual homestudy guide for more details), the Giver rests the other hand lightly on the chest between the breasts.

2. Allow your energy to come into the left hand, up your left arm to the shoulder, down from the shoulder into the heart center from whence it originated.

3. As the Giver exhales, imagine, feel or visualize that you send energy from your heart up to the right shoulder, down the arm and out the right hand, into her Yoni.

4. Your energy runs into her Yoni, up through the center of her body, to where your left hand is on her heart.

5. Complete the circuit by going up your left arm back to your heart, where it is again imprinted with your love and intention, ready to again be sent out with your exhalation (follow the arrows in the demo photo below).


You can learn more about which mudras to use during the massage in our Sacred Spot Home Study Course HERE.

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