{Sacred Spot Ritual} MUDRAS

Sacred Spot Ritual tips from “The Sacred Spot: A Complete Tantra Yoga Guide to Female Sexual Healing and Arousal”


Mudras are hand positions which affect energy on a very subtle and profound level.

The mudras work with principles of energy which state that the first five chakras each generate a specific dominant quality of energy. These energies connect with the five fingers of each hand.

  • For the BASE CHAKRA it is the energy of the EARTH and this energy channels out through the little finger.
  • The ring finger has to do with the WATER element and has an energetic connection to the SECOND CHAKRA.
  • The middle finger connects with the THIRD CHAKRA and the FIRE element.
  • The index finger connects with the HEART CHAKRA and its air element.
  • The thumb, the ETHER element, connects to the THROAT CHAKRA.

fingers_entry_positionIn your Sacred Spot Massage Ritual, you will be interspersing approximately 10 minute periods of “active massage” with periods of “passive holds” called Mudras.

You can learn more about which mudras to use during the massage in our Sacred Spot Home Study Course HERE.

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