How To Find the Sacred Spot

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The “Sacred Spot” is a sensitive area located in the upper wall of the vagina. Similar to the “G-Spot”, this area of the female anatomy can be a source of deep sexual healing and pleasure.

How To Find the Sacred SpotThe psychological research team of Addiego, Belzer, Comolli, Moger, Perry and Whipple named this area after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, who wrote about it in 1950. It was known and written about in both ancient India and China.

The Sacred Spot does not lie on the vaginal wall itself, but can be felt through it. It is usually about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix and feels like a small lump that swells as it is stimulated.

When it is first touched many women report that it feels like they need to urinate, even if the bladder has just been emptied. However, within 60-90 seconds of massage, this initial reaction is replaced in some women by a strong and distinctive feeling of sexual pleasure.

Tantra Masters Charles and Caroline Muir, originators of Sacred Spot Massage, reveal their secrets gleaned from over 35 years of practicing and teaching experience. Their original Sacred Spot work is the cornerstone of most western Tantra teachers and has become a worldwide movement to bring healing, awakened consciousness and new aliveness to women’s sexual & creative centers. Learn more about the Sacred Spot here!

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